Authentic Leadership

“The quality of leadership determines the quality of the organisation”.

I know first-hand the challenges in a leadership role. How do you shape the vision and align everyone to the strategy?

How do you communicate this to your team? How do you empower them and harness the synergy of the group? And how do you motivate yourself, play on your strengths and your authentic leadership style? How do you set clear goals and create a system of accountability? What are healthy team practices? Do you take the time to celebrate success?

I enjoy collaborating with leaders across organizations and communities because I couldn’t agree more with Spiderman – “with great power comes great responsibility”. Your team is a reflection of you. And you are more powerful and influential than you think you are.

I co-design customized leadership programs working closely with the organisation, the leaders, and the team. Let’s talk.

Winning teams

What makes a winning team? What breaks a team? What keeps the team together? How can you set-up the right synergies needed?
Are we actually building on each other’s strengths?  Are we a team or are we really just trying to get along with each other?

I love working with teams. We spend time (a few hours to a few days) outside the office (yay) to connect with one another, ask the big questions, delicately address issues that may have been shoved under the carpet, explore and strengthen team dynamics, shape team culture, set-up winning practices, and explore meaningful conversations.

All this while being the “playful” and authentic individuals we are.  Let’s talk.