I have a thing for events and retreats that blow peoples’ minds.  I say I’m an experience engineer; working with the big picture but staying precise.

If you’re running an event, you’re asking people to invest their time and energy to achieve a goal you’ve organised. Such an amazing opportunity lies ahead of you. But how often, in the business of getting things done, do we forget to take enough time to “design” an experience from the eyes of the attendee and evaluate the outcomes?

I respect people and their time. They could be anywhere, but they chose to be at your event. How do you give them an experience they’ll cherish? What’s the “flow”? What’s the “wow factor”? How do you get people there and get them having a good time?

I want to help you maximize outcomes, eliminate the drudgery and deliver an experience that’s powerful, magical and extraordinary.   Let’s talk.